Kangaroo Island Biosecurity for Ligurian Bees

In 1884 Ligurian Bees were introduced to Kangaroo Island to protect their genetic integrity. The government supported this action by passing legistration to proclaim Kangaroo Island a Ligurian Bee Sanctuary in 1885. Thanks to this wonderful foresight Kangaroo Island now has the only known colony of pure Ligurian bees left in the world. This legislation is thought to be "the first legislation ever passed by a world government" to protect anything of nature.

It is of great importance to the world to protect Kangaroo Island's Pure Ligurian bees as there are very few relatively disease free places left in the world where healthy queen bees can be bred and exported to worldwide countries to help maintain their hives and pollination programs. Without honey bees many food crops fail to pollinate with disastrous effects on our food chain. If bees are not protected and become extinct the world will starve.

To help us protect our healthy pure Ligurian bee colony it has been made an offence to bring bees, honey and used bee equipment to Kangaroo Island.

Penalties of up to $10,000 apply as per SA Livestock Regulations.

News Update: Honeybee Industry welcomes biosecurity action - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)