Our Australian Organic Honey Products

Raw Organic Honey

Kangaroo Island Organic Honey

We have a large range of Australian raw, organic honey flavours available at Island Beehive, coming in various sizes from small jars and squeezy bottles, right through to giant tubs!

Collection of honey takes place from the Island's flowering eucalyptus, a myriad of other Australian trees and shrubs, wildflowers and other introduced flora. The amount and varieties of honey produced can be affected by seasonal conditions.

The variety of nectar collected by the bee also controls the outcome of colour and flavour, with some honeys very dark with bold flavours whilst others are light and more delicate.

Our organic honey is extracted at a low temperature to retain its natural colours and flavours and to protect its many nutritional qualities. For this reason it may become naturally candied but is guaranteed to be free of all contaminants.

Natural Honeycomb

Natural honeycomb is produced on specially prepared frames and cut and packed to provide the freshest and purest  honey available. A very popular product with our tourist.

Honey Ice Cream

Our locally made honeycomb ice cream is a hit with locals and visitors alike! Locals regularly visit the shop to stock up on tubs of our delicious honey ice-cream as well as visitors coming in the store and asking where "the famous ice cream" is! Our honey ice-cream constantly spreading across the globe, becoming more and more popular as word gets around about this unique, delicious treat!

Sweetness & Light Honey Candle Combo

Sweetness & Light

This popular gift set is a great present for yourself or a loved one. Comprising of a jar of honey and a beeswax candle in a gift box. This is sweetness (honey) & light (candlelight).

Comes in various styles & sizes for your convenience.

Products Using Island Beehive Honey:

There are several goumet manufacturers around the world that use Island Beehive Honey in their products. We have listed some below.

Woolworths Oven Baked Muesli

Woolworths Oven Baked Muesli

Woolworths uses our honey in their Gourmet, Oven Baked, Premium Nut Muesli. Using only the finest ingredients!

Connoisseur Honey Ice Cream

Connoisseur Ice Cream

Nothing evokes unspoilt wilderness and breathtaking purity quite like Kangaroo Island. Its remote location and native wild flowers provide the perfect sanctuary for bees to produce quality honey. Connoisseur combine our honey with other organic fresh ingredients for their range of ice creams.

For more information on Connoisseur Ice Cream, visit: Connoisseur Ice Cream

Maine Beach Ligurian Honey Cream

Maine Beach Ligurian Honey Body Creams

This body care range combines Kangaroo Island ligurian bee honey; infused with the complex vanilla and fruit driven scents of Italian blood orange, helping to protect and refresh the skin and revive the body.

For more information on Maine Beach Body Products, visit the: COCCO Website

Paris Creek Vanilla & Honey Yogurt

Paris Creek Yogurt

Paris Creek honey & vanilla yogurt combines real vanilla pods with Bush Honey and Vanilla yogurt, to create a touch of sweetness with honey from Island Beehive's Ligurian Bees.

For more information on Paris Creek Bush Honey Yogurt, visit: Paris Creek

Bees also make:


Propolis is a natural antibiotic/antibacterial collected by the bees from leaves.